Herbex misleads after legal setback

Posted 06 October 2017

[note note_color=”#fcf74d”]The ASA CAN issue rulings on the adverts of non-members

Notably, the SCA order overturned the interdict that prevented the ASA from making rulings on complaints involving Herbex as well as allowing the ASA to place adverse rulings against any advertiser or publisher on its website. (Herbex took the ASA to court: to prevent rulings against Herbex)
ASA=Advertising Standards Authority[/note]

By Safura Abdool Karim and Nathan Geffen    

Herbex, an alternative health supplement company that attempted to stop the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling on its adverts, has released a press statement with several misleading claims. Herbex’s statement is at the bottom of this article.

About four years ago the ASA ruled against Herbex adverts that claimed that Appetite Control TabletsBooster Eat Less and Attack the Fat Syrup reduced weight. Herbex estimated lossesof several million rand over a

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USN, Herbex, Antagolin, Solal and Vigro (Nativa) go to court to block ASA

Posted 06 October 2015

This article, below, published in Times Live, draws attention to Vigro (a Natura product) trying to prevent arbitration on whether the claims that the product can regrow hair was supported by adequate evidence. The ASA ruled against the claims, and following an appeal by Natura, was referred for arbitration to Prof Nonhlanhla Khumalo, head of the Department of Dermatology, University of Cape Town.

The article also highlights USN’s High Court Action against Dr Harris Steinman. USN alleges that Steinman had defamed them. Steinman is defending the action. More than 40 complaints have been laid against USN with the ASA.

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Solal, guilty: another breach ruling

Posted 19 April 2012

Seems like Solal are simply unable to learn from their mistakes, nor from changing their vexatious attitude to the ASA, or those laying complaints with the ASA.. This attitude and approach clearly reflects directly on the personality, ethics and morals of the directors of Solal, and therefore, can one trust them at all? 

See also for previous related rulings.

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Siberian Pine Nut Oil Breach ruling

Posted 04 April 2012

In Siberian Pine Nut Oil / K Charleston / 17527 (4 November 2011) the Directorate held, inter alia, that the claims objected to by the complainant were unsubstantiated and in contravention of Clause 4.1 of Section II of the Code. A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA that this company continues to abuse the ruling. The ASA agreed. This is another complaint where the lawyer, Saul Shoot from  Fluxmans attorneys, came to bat for the company making the claims. Read his vexatious language used to defend his client.

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Solal Technologies’ astonishing letter of demand

Posted: 19 December 2011

Company tries yet again to silence its critics

By Harris Steinman and Nathan Geffen
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Last year Solal Technologies sent letters of demand threatening to sue Roy Jobson and one of us (Steinman) for defamation. They have not carried out that threat. Now the company is once again trying to intimidate those who criticise it.

Kevin Charleston has lodged several complaints with the ASA, including some against Solal Technologies. Most have been upheld; his complaints are not frivolous. For example, Charleston successfully pointed out that Solal’s claim that vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine was unsubstantiated. Charleston’s active citizenship, for which he receives no reimbursement, helps protect the public from false advertising. How has Solal reacted? Have the company’s directors expressed humility and decided to change their modus operandi? Have they sent Charleston a letter of thanks for helping them Read the rest