Rychol – ASA ruling

Posted 17 April 2013

Rychol claims to reduce cholesterol. Pharmachoice laid a complaint against this claim with the ASA. The ASA ruled against the claims. Rychol appealed and asked a retired professor, Professor Van Gelder, to substantiate the claims for the product. Reading his report, he appears to NOT unequivocally support the claims, but then says that he evaluated the data that the company itself supplied, and therefore that the claims for Rychol are true. It is unfathomable that any scientist would accept unpublished, non-peer-reviewed data at face value of a company selling a product, and claiming that the data will suffice!

We have evaluated the evidence on studies for the individual ingredients, some combined with other ingredients used in Rychol, and simply they do not add up. For example, Rychol uses berberine at 60-120 mg per day (Cholesterol levels above 5 : take 2 tablets per day; Read the rest