REVIVO Capsules – ASA ruling

Posted 14 February 2017

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against Revivo’s advertising. The website claims, inter alia, as follows:

“Used by celebrities, top athletes & royalty all over the world to fight immune illness and boost general health, [it] represents the ultimate in immune support and anti-aging and is now available for you to use as well”.

“Scientifically proven to make you live longer”.

“Delays the aging process and stops death of immune cells”.

“Builds healthy blood and fights viruses and cancer”.

The complainant submitted that he has searched credible medical databases and cannot find any evidence to support any of the claims made. He adds that even the ingredients contained in the product were researched, and there is no proof of their effectiveness as an immunity booster, particularly not in the dosages used in this product formulation.

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Revivo Capsules – ASA ruling

Posted 20 October 2016

This ruling points out that the advertiser has yet again made unsubstantiated health claims about its Revivo product.

[quote]It seems that they dont [sic] really want people to be cured from immune weakness, from HIV, from rapid aging, from chronic fatigue. Maybe they prefer that people remain sick for life.

Well, thats [sic] not what we wanted, we persevered and persisted and today Revivo is still available, and its [sic] still the worlds [sic] number 1 immune supplement.[/quote]

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