Regulatory Discussion Group

Posted 06 April 2015 

Rene Doms, a member of the RDG, has supplied me this document for posting to CamCheck. This is the RDG submission to the Medicines Control Council. The RDG represents role players involved in advising companies selling CAMS, or the actual manufacturers or distributors of these products (see a list of members below).

It is pertinent to point out that the RDG has vested interests in the survival of this industry – the members all, directly or indirectly, earn a living from it. Some may argue that they do wish to protect the consumer but their financial survival derives from the survival of the industry, of which many products have little evidence, scientific or otherwise, to support their claims.

It is therefore vital that RDG create a sufficient ‘loophole’, or alternative method of appraising evidence for these products, one that has a threshold set far below that Read the rest

Complementary medicines regulations – an interpretation

Posted 24 February 2014

René Doms is a registered pharmacist and also holds a law degree. He has been closely observing regulations pertaining to complementary medicine.

In this article, first posted to the email discussion group, DrugInfo, he shares his interpretation of the new regulations governing CAMS published in November 2013.

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