Solal’s Sugar claims – result of an appeal

Posted 05 August 2013

This ASA appeal ruling, in the favour of the Sugar Association of South Africa’s versus Solal’s claim that ‘For a long time it has been known that a diet high in sugar can cause weight-gain, diabetes and sugar-shock’. It is noteworthy in that the dissenting ASA panel member claimed that “ a diet high in sugar can cause weight-gain and diabetes, any medical doctor will agree that this is the case based on current medical opinion and research“. 

Actually uninformed doctors may believe this; but an educated doctor will evaluate the evidence and conclude differently. For example,  a puzzle includes the fact that sugar consumption has actually been decreasing for the past 14 years, during which time type 2 diabetes has continued its rise. To read how pseudoscientific Solal’s science is, read this posting and this article.


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