ASA Ruling: Homemark Prosvent

This is an ASA ruling following a consumer complaint against Homemark's Prosvent product made in October 2009. 

Of significance, the product's efficacy was "substantiated" by Dr Paul Abrahams. Dr Abrahams has previously substantiated a number of Homemark's products – some of which I and professors of pharmacology/pharmacy have considered insufficient evidence to support the efficacy of those particular products. 

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Homemark Prosvent

Homemark is selling a product called Prosvent, a product for men with prostrate problems.

The article below, in Afrikaans, was written by the reporter René-Jean van der Berg and published in the Rapport Sunday newspaper of the 6th February 2011.

Of particular importance are the following points:

1. There is no robust proof that this product works.

2. The urologists interviewed for that article were dubious about its efficacy (and safety)

3. My biggest concern is that men with prostrate symptoms may delay seeing a health professional and ensuring that the symptoms are not cancer, and by the time they do, they may find that the delay in seeking assessment and treatment may have resulted in the cancer having progressed to a stage that is too far advanced for curative therapy. And to boot, the product may work no better than drinking a few sugar pills.

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