Is an “anti-aging pill” possible?

Posted 18 April 2011

A principle in scientific research and science writing is to always go back to the primary source documents as far as possible. Ideally one would want to be able to double-check actual data from studies — but most of the time we have to be content with the published versions of the research. Here’s an example of how not going back to the original publication, and relying on a secondary source (a university newspaper) led to a mistake which has then been used in making false claims for a product.

Solal have been marketing an “anti-aging pill” which they claim/infer, among other, can slow down human ageing and extend the human lifespan.

Their website — which is no longer accessible since this blog was first published  (  showed the graphic above which asks “Is an anti-aging pill possible?” Text that implies this is factual … Read the rest