ASA Ruling: Procydin

Procydin, in an advertisement claimed, inter alia, that the product is “A natural supplement for heart illness, arthritis, hypertension and circulatory problems”, and “powerful antioxidant”, which delivers the same benefits of other antioxidants. These include, inter alia, the following, according to the advertisement: 
  • “They stimulate blood circulation, also to the capillaries, which is beneficial to diabetics”;
  • “They help to fight inflammation, benefitting people suffering from arthritis”;
  • “They protect against heart disease and can help to normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels”;
  • “They can improve the efficacy of antiretroviral treatment”.

There are also claims that “Researches in Norway have found that AIDS patients who supplemented their diet with antioxidants, obtained better results with antiretroviral treatment”, along with other claims of this nature.

In essence, the complainant submitted that the advertisement creates the impression that all the benefits listed can equally be attributed to the respondent’s product. these claims, however, are … Read the rest

Top 10 (+5) pseudoscience health sites in SA

Posted 21 July 2010

CAMcheck takes no pleasure in listing the following pseudoscience health sites in SA (in no particular order). Unfortunately there is very little that the appointed protectors of our health and wellbeing (Department of Health, Medicines Control Council, SA Pharmacy Council) are doing about protecting us from them. 

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This post refers to a claim made by Procydin in 2009, but only posted now for posterity.

This product claimed on its label: “Helps prevent your body from rusting away”

This is extremely misleading as there is no part of your body that can “rust”. When a metal is exposed to water and oxygen, a chemical reaction called  oxidation takes place which causes corrosion. When this takes place with iron, it results in a reddish-brown discolouration which may flake off and is known as rust.

Oxidation can also occur when a fruit such as apples or bananas are exposed to air, and they develop a brownish discolouration.

Inside the body “oxidation” is said to take place when a transfer of “free radicals” occurs. This is not the same thing as “rusting”. Normally the free radicals (another name for unstable electrons) attach themselves to any molecule nearby which is able to … Read the rest