Magnesium Inflama Roll-on – Scam!

Posted 3 July 2013

Another scam from Platinum Lifestyle Products / Miracle Magnesium. 

We know from science that very, very few substances can be effectively absorbed through the skin. That is why so little orthodox medicines are sold this way. There is zip proof that magnesium is absorbed through the skin to have any effect on the range of conditions this product claims to be effective for. Big scam.

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Magnesium Inflama Spray – ASA breach ruling

Posted 10 June 2013

Platinum Lifestyle Products selling Magnesium Inflama Spray continues to scam consumers by making false claims for their products. In this instance, a further complaint was laid with the ASA. The ASA concluded that:

Given the Platinum Lifestyle Products’s / Magnesium Inflama Spray’s apparent disregard for the previous rulings and the requirements for proper substantiation as per the Code, the Directorate imposes a sanction on the Platinum Lifestyle Products / Magnesium Inflama Spray.

Platinum Lifestyle Products / Magnesium Inflama Spray is ordered to submit any and all advertising for any of its products to the ACA Advisory Service for pre-publication advice. Only advertising that has been pre-approved by the ACA may be accepted by media owners.

An Ad Alert to this effect will be issued to all ASA members, requesting them not to accept any advertising for any of  Platinum Lifestyle Products / Magnesium Inflama Spray’s products Read the rest

Miracle Magnesium, again, the scam continues

Posted 07 May 2013

A consumer laid a complaint against the claims for this product as advertised in a print advertisement appearing in the Vrouekeur Magazine. The ASA ruled in favour of most aspects of the complaint. It is noteworthy to note that this company is ignoring the ASA rulings and continuing to scam consumers.

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Magnesium Inflama Spray – ASA ruling

Posted 18 April 2013

Platinum Lifestyle Products continues to scam consumers with a range of scam products, including Magnesium Inflama Spray. In this complaint, a consumer argued that this company continues to make false claims for this product without being able to prove the claims were true as required in a previous ASA ruling. The ASA agreed, the claims were still being made without any proof that they were valid. How do we know this product is a scam? Simply: there is no physiological way that adequate amounts of magnesium or the ingredients in this product will be absorbed through the skin, and secondly, treating the conditions listed with magnesium has zip evidence of benefiting. Purely thumb-suck nonsense.

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Miracle Magnesium scam – ASA ruling

Posted 07 April 2013

Miracle Magnesium / Platinum Lifestyle Products / Bodydetox continues to scam consumers, in spite of ASA rulings. Here the ASA rules again against this major scam.

See also this posting regarding the owner of the company, Marcelle du Plessis, and how some of the products are made in unsterile and unacceptable conditions [opens in new window]

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