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Glomail Perfect Steps shoes: No, not perfect.

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Glomail has been flighting an infomercial on TV. 

The 10 minute infomercial opens with “Do you want to get in shape fast? Do you want to lose weight? How about burn calories, reduce cellulite and improve your circulation all at the same time? …” and promotes the respondent’s “Perfect Steps” shoes as “the new way to lose weight and get in shape fast, without ever stepping into the gym”. It also features testimonials of people losing weight by simply wearing these shoes.

Emphasis is repeatedly placed on the fact that there is no dieting, or exercise routine required, and that the shoes result in weight loss, centimetre loss (presented as “lose inches”), burning calories, improving circulation, alleviating pain in one’s knees and back, and improving posture.

These claims seem nonsensical, and as Glomail has previously abused consumers with the selling of many dubious weight loss products, a complaint was laid … Read the rest

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