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Scam warning: Women’s Health magazine

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Posted 04 March 2015

From the Women’s Health magazine website:

If you have across any emails, Twitter and Facebook posts or websites that look like Women’s Health that direct you to a site promoting miracle weight-loss products called alongside Women’s Health branding, please be aware that this is a scam! 

Some of these so-called WH products include: Garcinia Diet, Purecleanse, OrganaSlim, OrganaCleanse A+ Skin & Iris Eye Gel, Vimax Detox, the mango diet, African Mango, Botox cream, acacia berry, colon cleanse, garcinia cambogia, soloria cleanse, Formlife, Secret Rainforest Combo, Pure Garcinia Ultra and Nutra-Burn10 & Nuetrim. These change every few months.

These products are advertised as being recommended and tested by Women’s Health, and when you click on the Facebook ad on the side of your Facebook news feed, it takes you to a fake WH site (womenshealthfive and womenshealthsix). This website is made to look like a WH Read the rest

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