Medicines rules are insulting to consumers

Posted 19 June 2014

This article, written by Leon Louw,  the executive director of the Free Market Foundation, was published online on Business Day BDLive. Some commentators have stated that this is “simply an ill-informed rant“, “sheer nonsense and ill-informed“.

Leon Louw writes: “Antagonists, such as CAMcheck, should be as free to denounce Cams as Cams folk are free to denounce both CAMcheck and aspects of mainstream medicine.”

We were going to write a succinct response, only to find that Prof David Gorski, writing as Orac, could respond far better than we could.
Quote: “However, it’s depressing in that it tells me that the bovine excrement reasons people use to defend CAM, including free market fundamentalist “health freedom” religion, are the same the world over.

Jacques Rousseau also weighed in.
Quote: “Far from reducing customer choice, the regulations enhance those Read the rest