Reviv – vitamin intravenous (IV) drips – a wellness ‘Drip Bar’

Posted 01 December 2015

REVIV, an international company which has opened its doors in Sandton, offers intravenous ‘treatment’ for a range of ‘conditions’. For example, “HYDROMAX rebalances your body with fluids fortified with electrolytes and antioxidants to maximize athletic performance”, “MEGABOOST restores your body with minerals, different anti-oxidants, electrolytes to bring your body back into equilibrium, maximizing your productivity, leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed”, “ULTRAVIV recovery infusion delivers anti-nausea medication, pain reliever, vitamin B-12 and an energy booster, this IV is best for those recovering from illness, hangovers or jet lag“. (underlining added) The infusion “ROYAL FLUSH” combines ULTRAVIV and MEGABOOST.

Is there any basis to these claims or is this pseudoscience at its worst? Even if the substances in these drips are 100% available in the blood, this does not necessarily mean that they will be more effectively used by the body than if … Read the rest