Nivea My Silhouette Gel Cream – ASA Ruling

Posted 08 September 2011

This is not the first time that Nivea has had an adverse ruling against the claims for their product. The ASA has previously ruled against Nivea Goodbye Cellulite, and the UK ASA against Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal Day Cream. One would have thought that such an "esteemed" company would stop making unsubstantiable claims or learn from previous mistakes.  In this instance, this ruling followed a complaint that noted that the  USA Federal Trade Commission recently found the Beiersdorf Inc guilty of deceptive advertising, fining it $900 000. This finding related to the exact same product. I would have expected a company with any credibility to therefore remove similar claims from the same product being sold in other parts of the world, and not only respond when a consumer takes issue with the claims.  Mostly, one would hope that such a company would stop trying to … Read the rest