Vigro – ASA agrees, no evidence it works!

Posted 10 October 2013

Consumers have a right to expect reasonable proof that a product delivers on its claims.

Natura, the maker of “famous” homeopathic remedies, purchased the Vigro product from PSN Brands, and ignoring the previous ASA ruling which found that Vigro was only beneficial for a very specific form of hair loss, started advertising that it was effective for all hair loss (makes one wonder about their ethics). A request that we made to the ASA for arbitration against the initial ruling, arguing that Vigro was completely ineffective, could therefore not proceed. However, it did allow a new complaint to be laid with the ASA arguing again that Vigro is ineffective for all forms of hair loss.

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Vigro – balderdash!

Posted 05 July 2013

The ASA has previously ruled against the claims for Vigro. We had argued that preventing or curing hair loss would be a “holy grail” and on face value, the claims are impossible. Vigro’s expert, Mr John Knowlton, argued that the science in support of Vigro’s claims are valid for individuals who are affected by a specific form of hair loss and not all forms of hairloss. The product Vigro has subsequently been sold to Natura, a manufacturer of homeopathic products, and they are now aggressively marketing this product as being effective for hair loss.

Here we examine the ingredients and the “proof” supplied by Mr Knowles and the manufacturer, and show that the evidence in favour of this product working in ANY form of hairloss, is in fact balderdash.  A new complaint has been laid with the ASA.

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