Oxygen therapy: Beware the snake oils sales spiel

Posted 01 August 2018

Pretoria News / 30 July 2018, 07:36am / Georgina Crouth

Left: Owner, Andries Pieters, Medical Oxygen Supplies in Gordon’s Bay.

Right: Oxygen enclosure 

The King of Pop brought hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) into mainstream consciousness, claiming he slept in a glass chamber with his friend Bubbles the chimp, and gushing that the miracle anti-ageing treatment would help him live till 150.

But while pictures showing Michael Jackson apparently getting his beauty sleep à la Snow White in his home glass “coffin” caused a stir and entrenched his “Wacko Jacko” moniker, it all turned out to be a publicity stunt: Jackson reportedly spent no longer than two hours in the uncomfortable confines of the pressurised medical chamber as part of treatment for a scalp burn wound on a film set.

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