Magnesium Inflama Spray – ASA breach ruling

Posted 05 February 2015

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMarcelle du Plessis, the owner of Miracle Magnesium, shows no remorse and continues to scam consumers by making claims for her products.

In spite of ASA rulings, which restricts magazines and newspapers from accepting adverts for her products, she manages to convince these publishers to accept her advertisements. In this complaint, the argument was made that newspapers were accepting her advertising, and that this was a breach of the previous rulings.

The ASA agreed, and have instituted sanctions asking all media to not accept any advertising for ANY of her products, and not only those in breach of a previous ruling.

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Miracle Magnesium – ‘Dit laat net jou maag werk’

Posted 01 November 2013

This article on Body Detox / Marcelle du Plessis / Miracle Magnesium, and published in Beeld on 31 October 2013, is titled “It only makes your stomach work”.

Interestingly, according to the article, Marcelle du Plessis says that it does not matter whether she has proof for her products or whether the ASA rules against her claims, that she will continue to advertise her products and the claims! Does this suggest that Body Detox has “psychopathic” tendencies?

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Miracle Magnesium oil scam/fraud – The evidence

Posted 30 October 2013

[quote]Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away – Philip K. Dick[/quote] [quote]

To treat your facts with imagination is one thing, but to imagine your facts is another – John Burroughs[/quote]

Overview Marcelle du Plessis / Body Detox makes the claim, among other, that “When Miracle Magnesium Oil™ is taken orally and Miracle Magnesium Blue Spray™ is sprayed daily over the entire body, it may be beneficial for . . . sinusitis.” (

We will briefly show the nonsense of this statement, and further below, show why the claims of Body Detox, and specifically for magnesium oil, are nonsense! Read the rest

Magnesium Inflama Roll-On – ASA breach ruling

Posted 25 October 2013

As mentioned in a previous post, Marcelle du Plessis does not pay attention to societal norms or regulations or ASA rulings. In this breach complaint, i.e., she continues to make unsubstantiated claims for her products, she did not ever bother to respond to the ASA’s correspondence.

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Body Detox Oxygen Drops

Posted 15 October 2013

Oxygen Drops H2O2 foodgrade 100mlMarcelle du Plessis, of Body Detox (and famous for her Miracle Magnesium scam), is advertising this product with the following nonsense: “Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites thrive in an oxygen depleted body. By adding oxygen to your diet, your health will improve dramatically.”

“Candida and cancer cells thrive in a body depleted from oxygen. Due to pollution and stress we become oxygen depleted. This oxygen can be taken internally to replenish depleted oxygen levels. Oxygen will help to kill harmful bacterial, and viral infections. Oxygen is very effective against Candida and Cancer.”

Dangerous scam!

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Response from Marcelle du Plessis (BodyDetox/Miracle Magnesium)

Posted 05 October 2013

We received the following response to our expose of Marcelle du Plessis of BodyDetox, the owner and seller of a range of products including Miracle Magnesium.

She contends that “[M]ost of the other allegations in your article are also factually incorrect and devoid of truth.”

Unfortunately for Marcelle her response made us dig deeper and reach further sources; our initial posting is not only supported by new sources, but a range of further claims have been made showing Marcelle du Plessis in a worse light.

We post her response below and intersperse these with our responses to her claims.


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Marcelle du Plessis / BodyDetox / Platinum Lifestyle / Miracle Magnesium

Posted 28 September 2013

Marcelle du Plessis is the CEO/owner of Body Detox ( and trading as Platinum Lifestyle.

MarcelleDuPlessis_s SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA  

Marcelle du Plessis is the individual behind Miracle Magnesium products, a series of scam health products that claim to be able to assist or treat a range of conditions. Not only is there not a single study confirming the claims for these products, in fact, there is no evidence that the individual ingredients can result in many of the claims being made. In fact, the claims are completely contrary to known physiology which has been very well studied. Big scam. 

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Miracle Magnesium scam – ASA ruling

Posted 07 April 2013

Miracle Magnesium / Platinum Lifestyle Products / Bodydetox continues to scam consumers, in spite of ASA rulings. Here the ASA rules again against this major scam.

See also this posting regarding the owner of the company, Marcelle du Plessis, and how some of the products are made in unsterile and unacceptable conditions [opens in new window]

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