AllergoStop – no proof it works

Posted 08 November 2013

AllergoStop is a product that claims to be an effective replacement for corticosteroids, anti-histamines and antibiotics, in that it is effective treatment “with immunoglobulins that play a dominant role at the time of the allergic reaction”. If you are going to claim that your product will reduce your need for among other, steroids, you better have good proof of this.

AllergoStop did not have. Dr Liezl Voshol-Botha of The Tygerberg Multicare Centre argued that this product is homeopathic and “the principles and practice followed at this practice are based on homeopathy, which is why one would not find any articles on conventional searches such as PubMed.” In other words, because Dr Voshol-Botha claims the product is “homeopathic”, that one does not need any proof that it works. The ASA agreed with the complainant’s argument that proof is required, (and in particular if you are Read the rest