Homemark’s Inversion Femme – ASA breach complaint

Posted 11 November 2013

The ASA has previously ruled against a number of claims being made for this product. In this breach complaint, the complainant specifically referred to the claims “SLOW DOWN AGEING” and on “Anti-Age Total Beaute” [sic] and “Anti-Aging Total Beauty”. The ASA evaluated Homemark’s response and concluded that “Given the alteration in context, and given the noticeable amendment to the claims at issue, the Directorate is of the view that the current e-mail advertisement cannot be said to have breach the original ruling”.

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Inversion Femme – ASA ruling

Posted 27 July 2012

A consumer complaint  against a print advertisement for Inversion Femme appearing in the Rooi Rose magazine during February 2012 was laid with the ASA.  It contains, inter alia, the following claims: • look younger, naturally; • at last the signs of ageing can be reversed without painful surgery; • … scientific studies in women who used the product at least twice a day for two months, showed that 50% of them had reduced hair loss, 70% showed a strengthening of nails and 27% an improvement in figure.

In essence the complainant submitted that he was unable to find any evidence that supports the claims made for this product. The ASA examined the evidence supplied by the company, and agreed with the consumer that the claims were not sufficiently supported by evidence.

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