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“Functional medicine” debunked

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Posted 03 May 2016

David Gorski, M.D., Ph.D. has published a critique that explains why “functional” medicine—like “complementary,” “alternative,” “holistic” and “integrated” medicine — is nothing more than a loosely-defined marketing term that offbeat practitioners use to promote their services. Its proponents typically do unnecessary testing, claim to identify and treat the “root cause” of illnesses, and claim that their approach addresses the “biochemical individuality” of their patients.

[Source: Consumer Health Digest #16-16, May 1,  2016]


I often describe “integrative medicine” as integrating quackery with medicine because that’s what this inadvertently appropriately named branch of medicine in essence does. The reason, as I’ve described time and time again, is to put that quackery on equal footing (or at least apparently equal footing) with science- and evidence-based medicine, a goal that is close to being achieved. Originally known as quackery, the modalities now being “integrated” with medicine then became “complementary

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