ASA Ruling: ImuPro

ImuPro is a blood test which claims to be able predict which foods make you sick, i.e., cause allergy or intolerances. The test is supported by Patrick Holford – which should already make the consumer concerned about the validity of this test!  The company claims: “…the internationally respected ImuPro Food IgG Intolerance Test that can pinpoint food intolerances”.

The facts are:
IgG is a valid blood test, but NOT for intolerances or predicting foods are responsible for allergy.

All major allergy societies throughout the world, and allergy experts, have published position statements warning against IgG tests for this purpose.

See the Allergy Society of South Africa’s position statement on this test (and see the references which indicate links to all of the other societies statements).  (We have brought this to the attention of the company but they continued to make these claims – makes one wonder of their ethics!)

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