Homemark Igia Fat Blaster – ARB Ruling

Posted 07 September 2022

Homemark makes the following claims for this product:

  • “blasts away unwanted fat, smooth and softens the appearance of orange peel skin, and improves circulation”;
  • The name “Fat Blaster”;
  • “improved circulation and daily massage is proven to assist with the reduction of cellulite and orange peel skin”.

A complainant argued that these claims are false and highly unlikely. He is unable to find any evidence that this device, or a similar device, is able to satisfy the claims being made. Therefore, without evidence, the claims are unproven and will dupe the ordinary consumer into purchasing a likely useless product.


Complainant: Dr Harris Steinman
Advertiser: Homemark (Pty) Ltd
Consumer/Competitor: Consumer
File reference: 2117 – Homemark Igia Fat Blaster – Dr Harris Steinman
Outcome: Upheld

Date: 2 September 2022

The Directorate of the Advertising Regulatory Board has been called upon to consider a … Read the rest