Hoodia Slender Gel-Slender Max-Hoodia Gel

Can you believe the ethics (or morals) of this company? The name of the product, first launched as Hoodia Slender Gel, was ruled against by the ASA for there was no

proof that the product works, therefore the term “Hoodia”  was misleading. The company then changed the name of the product to Slender Gel / Slender Max. Following a subsequent complaint that the term “slender” was misleading for there was no proof that the product could result in weight loss, the ASA agreed and the company had to abandon the name “slender”. So what to do? Well, change your name to Hoodia Gel! I see another complaint to the ASA coming!

The point is made in other posts on this product, that simply, there is no proof that taking hoodia orally results in any appetite suppression or weight loss, and as so few ingredients are absorbed through the skin, that … Read the rest