Clicks Hoodia Appetite Regulator

Posted 29 August 2011

Although this ruling is in my favour, it raises a few very pertinent aspects. 

The substantiator is "Ms Allison Vienings from MRA Regulatory Consultants, an independent regulatory consultancy". "It added that Ms Vienings is a credible expert in the field of complementary medicine." "She added that sufficient documented evidence exists for the acceptance of the traditional use of hoodia as an appetite suppressor to claim that the product will suppress the appetite, thus resulting in a feeling of satiety which will prevent over eating and food cravings. Emphasis was placed on the fact that these claims should be (and in this instance are) made along with the statement 'Only effective when used in conjunction with a restricted or kilojoule controlled balanced diet'."  

I have 6 major points to raise regarding this substantiation:

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