CBC Marketplace exposes homoeopathy

". . . . the CBC's Marketplace had a show about homoeopathy. One cannot reasonably expect a 20 minute programme to completely explain anything and everything about homoeopathy. Nevertheless, the programme contains no blatant errors, not obvious bias and it is complete enough to give the lay person an idea about what homoeopathy is and what to expect from it."

This article, although re-hashing previous aspects of homeopathy, expresses these points in a novel and thought-provoking way and hence it is highly recommend reading.

The text is reproduced below, but does not contain the useful layout or hyperlinks as in the original article.

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It’s Evidence Jim, But Not As We Know It!

This excellent piece, although a direct criticism of the philosophical argument by a specific individual in favour of the evidence for homeopathy, can be read more widely in the context of evidence for all “complementary” medicines. Brilliantly written, it puts in perspective a number of relevant concepts, e.g., cherry picking, publication bias, the holistic approach, and other arguments used to examine claims for various treatment modalities. It is a long read but very pertinent.

In the event the website above is inactive, the text is reproduced below.

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