Health Matters-Immune Restore – ASA ruling

Posted 07 May 2012

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against the respondent’s print advertisement appearing in the Mail and Guardian during December 2011. The advertisement, inter alia, promotes the respondent’s “Immune Restore Optimal Health Supplements” under the heading “ARE YOU HIV+?” It punts the product as “… a combination of trace elements essential for normal immune system” and explains that it “… replaces the vital aminal acids & vitamins depleted by HIV”.

In essence, the complainant submitted that the claims highlighted above (save for “CAN BE TAKEN WITH ARVS”, which the complainant did not specify) are unsubstantiated. In addition, the references to HIV, viral load, CD4 counts and ARVs are clearly a reference to Aids, which contravenes the provisions of Appendix F.

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ASA breach ruling: Hivex

Posted 12 January 2012

Mr Low, on behalf of TAC, lodged a breach complaint against the respondent’s website It was explained that even though some of the wording on the website has changed, it still contravenes the Code for essentially the same reasons as previously identified. Therefore, the essence of that complaint remains unchanged and the advertising is in breach of the ruling and of the Code.

The complainant submitted, inter alia, that the following quotes are essentially similar in message and communication to those originally complained of:

“The HIVEX Treatment is an electro-magnetic treatment which targets proteins in the HIV virus to disable the virus.”

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Quackery and mumbo-jumbo pseudo-science?

This is an invited article by a guest author who points out a discrepancy between the 'talk' and the 'walk' so often demonstrated by dedicated sellers of complementary medicines.

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