Proof – Herbex Slimmers For Men is a fat lie

Posted 07 March 2013

Do Herbex products have ANY efficacy?

My colleagues and I say absolutely NO!

Hebex Slimmers for Men has been scamming South African consumers for over 8 years. In November 2005 the ASA was asked to accept arbitration on this product, claimed by Herbex’s “expert”, Dr Sandell (an unqualified homeopath) to have efficacy, versus facts that shows that the claims for the product are highly unlikely. Arbitration was not allowed to proceed based on a legal trick. 

We argued that the dosages of the ingredients of the product were infinitesimally small, that many of the ingredients that Dr Sandell and Herbex claimed reduced appetite, were actually used to stimulate appetite, and that many ingredients had zero efficacy in weight loss and at best were no more than laxatives, and so on. Has a single study ever been performed on this product? No. A major scam product.

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