Quick Weight-Loss Fix? Fat Chance, As Yet Another Herbex Advert Gets Banned

Posted 13 June 2018

Quick Weight-Loss Fix? Fat Chance, As Yet Another Herbex Advert Gets Banned

No evidence to support claimed weight loss.

By Zongile Nhlapo  HuffPost South Africa 05/06/2018

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned advertising for yet another weight-loss product from “Herbex — Fat Burn Concentrate for Men”.

The original complainant in the matter, medical doctor and consumer activist Harris Steinman, argued that a commercial by the company implied that using the products could result in weight loss‚ which was unsubstantiated and misleading.

“The European Food Safety Authority has found that‚ even at greater doses than those used in Fat Burn‚ there is no causal relationship between these products and weight loss,” Steinman told Business Live.

“Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate for Men essentially claims that diluting between 7 percent to 50 percent of a green tea bag and half a cup of coffee in one litre

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Herbex Fat Burn – Bad press

Posted 7 June 2018

Following the recent ASA ruling against the claims being made in the Herbex – Fat Burn advert on MNET, a number of journalists have reported on this ruling.

These include the following:

  • Men’s ‘fat burn’ products claim ‘misleading’ – Nico Gous – 01 June 2018 Times Live
  • Burn your fat? Not a chance boet – Georgina Crouth – 4 June 2018 – Pretoria News
  • Your man isn’t likely to lose his umkhaba by using Herbex Fat Burn – ASA – Thandi Skade – 4 June 2018 –
  • Quick Weight-Loss Fix? Fat Chance, As Yet Another Herbex Advert Gets Banned: No evidence to support claimed weight loss. Zongile Nhlapo – 05 June 2018 – HuffPost South Africa
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Herbex Fat Burn For Men – ASA ruling

Posted 31 May 2018

In our post of 8th May 2018, Herbex Fat Burn for Men – paying for nothing, we pointed out that this product contains 3 ingredients. We measured the level of green tea constituents in a lab, and could work out that, as we stated:

In other words, Herbex Fat Burn claims that a mixture of about half a bag of green tea leaves, caffeine found in 7.5 mls of a cup of coffee, and Ginseng traditionally used to stimulate appetite, added to 1 litre of water to be drunk throughout the day, will result in weight loss.

In other words, this product is highly unlikely to have much more than a placebo effect.

A complaint was laid with the Advertising Standards Authority. Herbex refused to submit any evidence to contradict ours. Below is the ruling.

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Sports nutrition: spoiled by ‘wrong and immoral’ marketing

Posted 09 May 2018

This article, published in, makes the point that “critics argue the [sports supplement] industry is still undermined by some of its practitioners peddling false advertising”.

“The British Dietetic Association (BDA) says that marketing across the industry is ‘wrong and immoral’ and
thousands of people are using protein powders as a ‘substitute not a supplement’.”

Quoting Graeme Close, professor of sports nutrition, John Moores University, pointed to “companies marketing ‘fat burners and testosterone boosters’ as particularly problematic, saying that the claims of purported health benefits were based on thin evidence”. “Some of the advertising by some of these companies is wrong and immoral,” he added.

“You will see some ridiculous claims that you can move from out of shape and overweight in four weeks by taking a pill,” he added.”

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Herbex Fat Burn for Men – paying for nothing

Posted 5 May 2018

Herbex is flighting an advert on MNET during the Carte Blanche program for Herbex Fat Burn for Men.

In the form of an animated cartoon, it shows an overweight man crashing off a roof. The inference and promotion for Herbex Fat Burn for men range is the clear goal of this advert, therefore making the claim that the Herbex Fat Burn for Men range can result in weight-loss.

Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate for Men attributes its claims to three main ingredients: Guarana, Green tea leaves and Siberian ginseng.

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Herbex Fat Burn – Rip off?

Posted 29 March 2018

Herbex Fat BurnHerbex is extensively advertising Herbex Fat Burn on DSTV channels, particularly on MNET,  and specifically on Carte Blanche.

Viewers who consider Carte Blanche to be a credible program, may therefore think that Herbex Fat Burn’s claims of being beneficial for weight-loss, to be valid.


There is NO evidence to support the claims that this product can result in weight loss.

There is not a single study showing that Herbex Fat Burn can result in weight-loss.


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