Herbex Appetite Control: more Herbex nonsense?

Posted 21 January 2014

The website ( claims that “Herbex Appetite Control Chewies are formulated to manage the appetite safely and naturally.” Really? The evidence does not really support this claim.

The claims for this product are:
* Manages Appetite
* Reduces Hunger Pangs And Cravings

Conclusion of examination of the evidence:
There is NO evidence that this product has EVER been tested in humans: you, the user, are the guinea pig. For the product as a whole, there is zero evidence that this mix of ingredients can fulfill the claims being made.

There is NO evidence for all but one ingredient to support the the claims “manages appetite and reduces hunger pangs and cravings” being made, and/or the ingredients are being used at minute dosages compared to those used in studies; for the one ingredient, the proof for the claims are inconclusive. There is NO evidence how Read the rest