Wondernut: the owners, and accountability?

Posted 03 April 2018

One would think that any person with any moral or ethical standards would think twice before selling a product with false claims of weight-loss. But in our experience, often these people are simply people with no moral fibre, often simply scam artists, and rarely, uninformed. Some may have features associated with being psychopathic, e.g., show no remorse.

What do we make of Piet, Hennie and Maureen Botes who are the Board of Directors & Co-founders of Wondernut? In spite of the Medicines Control Council saying that this product has no proof of causing weight-loss, and is potentially highly toxic, they continue to make false claims on their website (and of their agents), claiming that the product can result in weight-loss, and is safe.

Worse: a blatant “lie”: they state: “This Organic weight loss Seeds has not been evaluated by the MCC. The Organic weight loss Read the rest