Despite a landmark retraction, the Dr. Oz-promoted Green coffee bean extract still on Canadian shelves

Posted 17 April 2015

This article not only points out that the claims for, and the scam product Green coffee bean extract is still available in Canada, in spite of a landmark retraction, but how deficient the Canadian regulatory authority in controlling these products are. Health Canada’s regulation of CAMS is often given as an example of how well CAMS can be regulated when in fact their approach is shown to have little protection for consumers.

“At issue is a tiered approval process that Health Canada calls a “risk-based approach to safety and efficacy.” Under this system, the level of evidence required to approve a product can vary depending on the specific health claims and the perceived level of risk. So low-risk products require little hard evidence to be approved.”

“Williams calls this “risk-based” approach ridiculous. “We have a regulatory framework, but the tendency is toward rubber-stamping, toward bending over Read the rest