ASA Ruling: Food Detective

A number of allergies and intolerances are very difficult to diagnose, even by experts, which has resulted in a great number of scam or unsubstantiated tests being advertised that claim to be able to be able to determine the allergens or substances that are affecting you. The evidence for these tests are either scant or totally absent. This includes the ALCAT, IgG testing, hair analysis, etc. The Allergy Society of South Africa have published a Position Statement on the first two. Other international organisation, including EAACI (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) have also made Position Statements on IgG Testing. In South Africa, two companies are marketing this test: Food Detective by Davies Diagnostics and ImuPro by Molecular Diagnostic Services.

These tests have no proof that they have any benefit in predicting the correct foods or substances causing your symptoms: not a single robust study to show that they
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