Solal Technologies’ astonishing letter of demand

Posted: 19 December 2011

Company tries yet again to silence its critics

By Harris Steinman and Nathan Geffen
Cross-posted in Quackdown!

Last year Solal Technologies sent letters of demand threatening to sue Roy Jobson and one of us (Steinman) for defamation. They have not carried out that threat. Now the company is once again trying to intimidate those who criticise it.

Kevin Charleston has lodged several complaints with the ASA, including some against Solal Technologies. Most have been upheld; his complaints are not frivolous. For example, Charleston successfully pointed out that Solal’s claim that vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine was unsubstantiated. Charleston’s active citizenship, for which he receives no reimbursement, helps protect the public from false advertising. How has Solal reacted? Have the company’s directors expressed humility and decided to change their modus operandi? Have they sent Charleston a letter of thanks for helping them Read the rest