Despite a landmark retraction, the Dr. Oz-promoted Green coffee bean extract still on Canadian shelves

Posted 17 April 2015

This article not only points out that the claims for, and the scam product Green coffee bean extract is still available in Canada, in spite of a landmark retraction, but how deficient the Canadian regulatory authority in controlling these products are. Health Canada’s regulation of CAMS is often given as an example of how well CAMS can be regulated when in fact their approach is shown to have little protection for consumers.

“At issue is a tiered approval process that Health Canada calls a “risk-based approach to safety and efficacy.” Under this system, the level of evidence required to approve a product can vary depending on the specific health claims and the perceived level of risk. So low-risk products require little hard evidence to be approved.”

“Williams calls this “risk-based” approach ridiculous. “We have a regulatory framework, but the tendency is toward rubber-stamping, toward bending over Read the rest

Dr Oz ridiculed on YouTube

Posted 23 February 2015

Comedian John Oliver’s hilarious 16-minute video about Dr. Oz’s promotion of “miracle” supplements is now available on YouTube.

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Green Coffee weight loss scam

Posted 02 January 2015

GreenCoffee800Another big weight-loss scam to hit South Africa is Green Coffee, sold under a range of guises. One heavily promoted at a Cape Town Waterfront Pharmacy is Green Coffee 800

We have previously highlighted this scam in May 2014 and January 2014.

Firstly, there is zip, zero evidence that green coffee can result in weight loss-loss.

Secondly, although there are various versions of this ingredient, Green Coffee 800 may contain the substance called sibutramine, not only banned but very risky to your health. In 2012 the Danish Health and Medicines Authority warned consumers of the presence of this ingredient in Green Coffee 800.

Now the USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stepped in: “Lindsey Duncan and the companies he controlled have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively touted the supposed weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract through a … Read the rest

4 of the Biggest Quacks Plaguing America with False Claims About Science

Posted 23 July 2014

This article, from AlterNet, argues that from the Food Babe to Dr. Oz, these four are the media’s biggest fear-mongers and snake-oil peddlers.

It may be easy to draw a caricature of a “quack” as a cross between the ShamWow pitchman and an alchemist, but they’re really not so easy to spot. Modern-day quacks often cherry-pick science and use what suits them as semantic backdrop to fool unsuspecting consumers. Quacks may dazzle people with fanciful research studies or scare them with intimidating warnings before trying to peddle products that make unreasonable promises. And those who use these alternative, unproven products may forego treatments that would be more likely to help them. In short, quackery is dangerous. It promotes fear, devalues legitimate science and can destroy lives. Here are the four biggest quacks giving dubious health advice in the media and some samples of their Read the rest

Slate magazine slates Dr Oz – Anyone similar in South Africa?

Posted 10 January 2013

From The Slate, in an article titled Dr. Oz’s Miraculous Medical Advice – Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, by Julia Belluz and Steven J. Hoffman. 

Dr Oz then told his audience about a “breakthrough,” “magic,” “holy grail,” even “revolutionary” new fat buster. “I want you to write it down,” America’s doctor urged his audience with a serious and trustworthy stare. After carefully wrapping his lips around the exotic words “Garcinia cambogia,” he added, sternly: “It may be the simple solution you’ve been looking for to bust your body fat for good.”

The miracle cure isn’t really a miracle at all. It’s not even new. Garcinia cambogia has been studied as a weight-loss aid for more than 15 years. A 1998 randomized controlled trial looked at the effects of garcinia as a potential “antiobesity agent” in 135 people. The conclusion: The pills

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2012 Slim Chance Awards announced

Posted 07 January 2013

Francie M. Berg, M.S., who operates the Healthy Weight Network, has issued the 24th annual set of “Slim Chance Awards” to weight-loss schemes promoters. Her 2012 picks are:

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