SureTouch breast test

Posted 19 November 2013

We recently posted an exposition of breast thermography, a product claiming to be effective for determining breast cancer. Now another device has popped up on the South African market – the SureTouch breast examination device.

Does it work? Are you placing your life in the hands of a scoundrel who has no remorse or concern whether this device is accurate in determining breast cancer or not? Based on an article by Amy Green and Ina Skosana on the Mail & Guardian website, they appear to conclude that this device is simply not effective enough.

Dr-Neil-Burman They identify Dr Neil Burman as one of the individuals behind marketing this product, and point out “[S]hould Burman be called before the council, it would not be the first time. He was found guilty in 1993 of three different charges relating to over-servicing patients (giving more tests than they required)
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Solal’s Sugar claims – result of an appeal

Posted 05 August 2013

This ASA appeal ruling, in the favour of the Sugar Association of South Africa’s versus Solal’s claim that ‘For a long time it has been known that a diet high in sugar can cause weight-gain, diabetes and sugar-shock’. It is noteworthy in that the dissenting ASA panel member claimed that “ a diet high in sugar can cause weight-gain and diabetes, any medical doctor will agree that this is the case based on current medical opinion and research“. 

Actually uninformed doctors may believe this; but an educated doctor will evaluate the evidence and conclude differently. For example,  a puzzle includes the fact that sugar consumption has actually been decreasing for the past 14 years, during which time type 2 diabetes has continued its rise. To read how pseudoscientific Solal’s science is, read this posting and this article.


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