4 of the Biggest Quacks Plaguing America with False Claims About Science

Posted 23 July 2014

This article, from AlterNet, argues that from the Food Babe to Dr. Oz, these four are the media’s biggest fear-mongers and snake-oil peddlers.

It may be easy to draw a caricature of a “quack” as a cross between the ShamWow pitchman and an alchemist, but they’re really not so easy to spot. Modern-day quacks often cherry-pick science and use what suits them as semantic backdrop to fool unsuspecting consumers. Quacks may dazzle people with fanciful research studies or scare them with intimidating warnings before trying to peddle products that make unreasonable promises. And those who use these alternative, unproven products may forego treatments that would be more likely to help them. In short, quackery is dangerous. It promotes fear, devalues legitimate science and can destroy lives. Here are the four biggest quacks giving dubious health advice in the media and some samples of their Read the rest

Dr Oz admits no proof Garcinia works

Posted 08 July 2014

“Dr. Mehmet Oz, a celebrity doctor who frequently extols weight-loss products on his syndicated television show, got a harsh scolding from several senators on Tuesday at a hearing about bogus diet product ads.”  “‘I don’t get why you need to say this stuff because you know it’s not true.'”

An article and video of Dr Oz being interviewed by the USA Senate subcommittee on consumer protection, where he admits that ““I recognize that oftentimes they don’t have the scientific muster to pass as fact.”

John Oliver, an English comedian and political satirist has a hilarious take on Dr Oz’s interview – and broadcast on Sunday night on MNet.

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