Herbex “admits” to scam!

Posted 05 March 2014

This article, published in GroundUp, is on a presentation by the con artist, Eddie Bisset – CEO of Herbex, where he admits  “with a grin, ‘Customers are foolish enough to believe what you put on your label.‘ Bisset first claimed his products are CAMS (by labeling them such (“Schedule C0”)), but with the new CAM regulations that were published in November 2013 having dramatic consequences on Herbex, “Bisset wants to get around the regulations by claiming his products are food, not medicines“.

  • Fact – there is no proof that these products work – whether called a CAM or a foodstuff.
  • Fact – is it illegal to call them foodstuffs. In fact, Herbex Slimmers Cereal is an illegal foodstuff.
  • Fact – these are scams.
  • Fact – Eddie Bisset acts and speaks like a scam artist.
  • Fact – Bisset earns a fortune from
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