SAIDS Advisory on the herbal supplement ‘BIOGEN TESTOFORTE’

Posted 07 July 2017

An advisory from the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS), released yesterday.

[Response from Dischem/Biogen in a Times Live article]

Independent laboratory [1] analysis of the herbal supplement ‘BIOGEN TESTOFORTE’ revealed the presence of the following anabolic steroids, not listed on the product label: 4-Androstene-3,17-dione, 5alpha-Androstanedione and 5beta-Androstanedione.

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Biogen Testoforte found to contain ‘roids’

Posted 07 July 2017

This article in Times Live, reports that Biogen Testoforte was found by the SA Doping Control Laboratory to contain steroids, and reported in a South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport SAIDS release.

It is incredible the ‘spin’ that Dischem/Biogen are putting on the findings.

For example: ““It is not unusual for products containing complex botanical materials – especially those designed to support healthy testosterone – to give rise to a trace finding of steroidal precursors in laboratory tests‚” Epstein said.

NO, no, no! This is NOT what the lab has demonstrated.

“The product remains on sale in Dis-Chem stores‚ but an extra warning had been added “as a precautionary measure” to products containing Tribulus Terrestris‚ Epstein said.”

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Posted 05 January 2017

The latest advertising craze appears to be claiming that drinking/eating a collagen supplement, will improve a range of aspects of your body, in particular wrinkles.

The UK ASA received a complaint against one similar product: “A poster for Gold Collagen, seen on 7 January, which stated “More and more women are waking up to GOLD COLLAGEN what about you? Younger-looking skin Healthier hair Stronger nails”. A footnote stated “*Based on UK clinical trials on 108 voluteers [sic] taking PURE GOLD COLLAGEN daily (Double Blind, placebo controlled, randomised clinical trial). Results published in leading medical journals. Includes vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and the normal function of cartilage and skin. Includes zinc which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails. Includes biotin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and normal hair”.

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Dis-Chem pulls fitness supplement Jack3d from shelves

Posted 03 December 2015

Health24 investigates why the pre-workout supplement Jack3d, manufactured by USPlabs, is still being sold in SA after being indicted in the US for using false certificates of analysis and false labeling.

South African consumers are in the dark after Dis-Chem promptly removed the pre-workout fitness supplement Jack3d from their shelves on 26 November.

This just days after Health24 initiated an investigation into whether the version of Jack3d on sale online from a number of SA vendors, as well as the Dis-Chem group of pharmacies, contained the illegal ingredient 1-3-Dimethylamylamine – DMAA or Methylexaneamine, also known as Geranium extract (see below for other namings).

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Erex – ASA ruling

Posted 30 March 2014

This is an old ASA ruling. Erex is a product that claims to assist men by making them “Hard and healthy …naturally” and to benefit and “boost your sex life…”.  A complaint was laid with the ASA in 2007 against these claims and Erex were not able to prove that they are possible, yet Dischem still continues to sell this product today. Now that is  a long life for a scam!

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