Dirty medicine

Posted 23 May 2013

CAMCheck focuses on CAMS and alternative medicine. In fact CAMCheck is against ALL therapeutic products that make bogus or unsubstantiated claims, including those from Big Pharma: however because of the breadht of this issue, CamCheck has selectively focused primarily on CAM products.

CAM manufacturers frequently argue claim that generic proof is acceptable, i.e., that claims for an ingredient should automatically be allowed by a product containing that ingredient. We argue that the tablet or formulation may not dissolve in the same way, may not be similarly bioavailable, and in many cases, that there is no proof that the ingredients are exactly the same or that the combination of ingredients will result in the same efficacy.

In this article published in CNN Money, the authors do an in depth investigative report on the epic inside story of long-term criminal fraud at Ranbaxy, the Indian drug company Read the rest