Herbex Attack the Fat – Scam?

Posted 20 January 2013

The purpose of CAMCheck is to point out the scientific irrational basis for CAM products and the ethical and moral failures of those manufacturing, selling and regulating them.

As previously mentioned on CAMCheck, we do not usually identify owners of companies selling products with little to no proof of efficacy unless they give clear evidence of showing an unwillingness to take heed, i.e., by not withdrawing the product when exposed, and/or by rolling out further new products with little to no proof that they really work. (If there is no proof that a product works, it can be suspected of being no more than a scam – and many of Herbex’s products fit this description – see example below)

Eddie Bisset (CEO) and Diane Bisset (Financial Director) of Herbex have made a fortune from the misfortunes of consumers. Is this comment unfair? Compare our assessment of Read the rest

Herbex – “Take Down Notice”

Posted 10 January 2013 – updated 17 January 2013

We have received a “Take Down Notice” for this page.

In other words, Eddie Bisset (CEO) and Diane Bisset (Financial Director) of Herbex have had their lawyers (Kantor – Fialkov) contact the Internet Service Provider’s Association (ISPA) and ask them to take action against our service provider, Hetzner, unless Hetzner convinces me to remove this page. We have also subsequently received a threatening letter from the Bisset’s lawyer, M Fialkov of Kantor – Fialkov, where a number of allegations are made regarding the content of this page. 

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