Creator of Herbex products shares his thinking

Posted 25 April 2018

GroundUp recently published the article “How a journalist took an ethical stand and risked her job” pertaining to the journalist Natasha Bolognesi who “refused to edit a bogus article” on the WAVEEX product for Daleen Totten, owner, publisher and editor of Natural Medicine. 

This resulted in many comments, including one from Dr Frank Muller (“a medical doctor and a pharmacologist”) who writes “as the formulator of most of the Herbex range of products“. His letter drew a response from Annika Larsson, to which he responded.

Dr Muller’s letter is very informative on his thinking about Herbex products. When challenged, his response is interesting, and how he evades an adequate answer. I post these 3 letters as they are reveal how little science or “proof” went into developing these products.

Dr Jacques Rousseau who teaches critical thinking & ethics at the University of Read the rest

WAVEEX: How a journalist took an ethical stand and risked her job

Posted 11 April 2018

This article published on GroundUp, focusses on two strands:

  1. WAVEEX – a small plastic chip, which its manufacturers and peddlers claim can be attached to cell phones and other mobile devices to reduce harmful radiation. 
  2. How a journalist took an ethical stand and risked her job: Natasha Bolognesi refused to edit a bogus article

The manufacturers claim that WAVEEX, a small plastic chip attached to cell phones, “is ‘scientifically proven’, when in fact it is all fruitloopery – pseudoscience masquerading as science to confuse and convince consumers“. 

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