Power Report: Watchdog in chains as advertiser fights back

Posted 17 November 2015

This article, written by Megan Power, appeared in the Sunday Times of 15 November 2015. [Permission to republish it was kindly granted by the Sunday Times.]

The article highlights the legal actions of Antagolin (MNI), Herbex, Solal and USN, against the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), as well as against Dr Harris Steinman. Megan Power makes the accurate point: “There’s a quiet war being waged against South Africa’s advertising watchdog“. All these companies have had ASA rulings against claims for their products. See also the previous article about this.

Homemark has in the meantime persuaded the ASA to suspend all processes and procedures regarding complaints against Homemark, until the MNI appeal, or the actual court case is concluded, depending which happens first. All these companies are being represented by Saul Shoot of Fluxmans.

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The impact of the Consumer Protection Act on pharmacists

Posted 02 December 2014

This article was published in the South African Medical Journal (SAMJ). Although specifically addressing this issue to health professionals, and in particular with reference to pharmacists, it has pertinence to every consumer and hence we are reposting the article here.

There is some irony in that the one author, Prof K du Toit, supported the claims for Antagolin, a product containing ingredients that have never been shown to have influence on the claims being made, and that was tested on South African consumers without ethical approval or informed consent being obtained from those who were studied. A big mistake! The ASA ruled against the claims for the product.

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