Clicks Slim Drops Herbal Tincture: ASA ruling

Posted 27 October 2011

This ruling is interesting for it brings up the issue of "scientific substantiation", "conflict of interest*", "recusal", and "a pharmacist's ethics" very clearly. 

I find it unfathomable and unconscionable that Ms Allison Vienings has yet again attempted to substantiate a highly dubious product (albeit unsuccessfully) on an ingredients basis and not "whole product" basis. 

Allison Vienings is a paid-up registered pharmacist with the SA Pharmacy Council and the Executive Director of the SMASA (Self Medication Manufacturers Association of South Africa). 

Although Clicks is not a member of SMASA, other companies selling similar unsubstantiated medicines, e.g., Dischem, are. Therefore this can be seen as a conflict  of interest. Should she not, ethically, have recused herself and not have accepted the "assignment" from Clicks to substantiate the product? Should she not at least have notified the ASA of a possible conflict of interest? Read the rest