6 reasons doctors say to avoid colon cleanses

Posted 05 March 2018

‘Trying to help along a system that’s already perfected biologically is pointless’: GI specialist says

CBC News Posted: Feb 22, 2018

Former customers of two colon cleansing services in Thunder Bay, Ont. are getting tested for Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV after complaints of poor hygiene practices at the businesses. The city’s health unit is warning clients may have been exposed to improperly cleaned instruments by having the service.

Earlier this year, Gwyneth Paltrow’s celebrity lifestyle website, Goop, recommended a do-it-yourself coffee enema to as a detox “supercharge.” She also endorses colonics. 

But health experts say there is no scientific evidence to support colon cleaning treatments, which are popping up in Canadian cities.​

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Medical journal takes aim at natural remedies

Posted 04 July 2017

Health Canada can ‘recall a bag of chips but doesn’t have the power to recall a natural health product’

By Michael Smee, CBC News

An editorial in Monday’s Canadian Medical Association Journal is calling on the federal government to crack down on natural health products, which the author argues are poorly tested and can do patients more harm than good, compared to conventional medicines.

“They simply have to show that someone, somewhere once used this as therapy for something,” Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, the journal’s deputy editor, told CBC Toronto.

The editorial urges Health Canada to stop makers of natural health products from claiming that the products are remedies, because they are not as rigorously tested as conventional, over-the-counter drugs.

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How not to lose weight: Green tea extracts

Posted 07 February 2017

 (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Marketplace) investigate popular green tea weight loss supplements and uncover dozens of reports of liver failure. 

Diet pills with natural ingredients are part of a booming multi-million dollar weight-loss industry in Canada. But are they a waste of money? And are they always safe?

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Fake testimonials: Inside the world of fake reviews

Posted 03 February 2017

[quote]We don’t know what her real name is. But we do know companies around the world hire her to pitch their products. In the booming business of fake online testimonials, she’s a top seller: pretending to be a real customer and posting positive video reviews online. She’s even posed as a certified financial adviser, a teacher, and a dietitian.

Many of us rely on reviews and testimonials to decide where to spend our money, but there’s an entire industry dedicated to tricking you into believing their hard sell.[/quote]

The introduction to a video on this topic – shown on the Canadian television channel, CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation)

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