Homemark Slim Coffee – ASA arbitration ruling

Posted: 06 June 2011

Contrary to Dr Beverley Summers' opinion, Professor Jooste confirms that Slim Coffee does not cause weight loss 

This ASA ruling is interesting for a number of reasons:  

Nearly three years after first complaining to the ASA about Slim Coffee, Professor Jooste (who is Interim Director of Nutritional Intervention Research, Medical Research Council) confirms that the studies in support of Slim Coffee are deficient. 

1. This product was substantiated by Dr Beverley Summers, a pharmacist with a PhD. This despite the fact that The European Food Safety Authority declared that there is zero proof of the main ingredient’s supposed weight loss benefits…  

2. This is the fourth Homemark product that Dr Summers has substantiated which has been ruled against by the ASA. Some rulings followed appeals. Many of these Homemark products have been rejected and banned by the USA Federal and Trade Commission Read the rest

Homemark Slim Coffee, again!

Published 31 May 2010

Readers will remember my posting where I pointed out that Dr Beverley Summers substantiated Homemark’s Slim Coffee claiming that a study supported the weight-loss claims for the ingredient Caralluma fimbriata. I argued that the study was insufficient to make claims for this ingredient and that therefore she was assisting Homemark to fleece consumers at R850 per month (R1700 over two months to match the dose of CF used in the poor study).

The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has recently ruled on this ingredient, and “found that the publications submitted in support of the claims failed to establish a cause and effect relationship between the ingredient and the claimed benefit.” “The five negative opinions, published this week, were adopted on April 30.”

Don’t believe me? Read on . . .

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