Jobson’s reply to CANSA’s 30 responses

Posted 4 April 2013

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) has given their “Smart Choice” Seal of Recognition to the product Omega Caro-E. CANSA claims not to “endorse products, but ‘awards its’ Seal to certain products”. This is disingenuous for this is after all, still a form of endorsement. And, as they demonstrate on their website, they are given the authority to do so by the Department of Health.

CANSA invited media and health professionals to a launch of their awarding of the “Smart Choice” Seal of Recognition to Omega Caro-E. The invitation stated that the product “can assist with reducing the risk of cancer and other noncommunicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease.” Prof Roy Jobson (Pharmacology, Rhodes University) wrote a letter to the CEO of CANSA, Ms Janse van Rensburg, asking for evidence that these claims were supported by scientific evidence, Read the rest

CANSA promotes untested supplement

Posted 22 March 2013

In February CANSA endorsed a product called Omega Caro-E, recognising it as a CANSA Smart Choice. Quackdown! reports that Prof Roy Jobson evaluated the evidence to support the claim that this product will reduce the risk for cancer and “the evidence CANSA used was based mainly on “food” studies (not supplements). Some of these studies explicitly stated that food supplements should not used as there was insufficient evidence for them. Other studies indicated that dietary modifications would be the preferred intervention.”

Extracts from the Quackdown! article: 

A cancer diagnosis is devastating. Patients in remission can be desperate for advice to reduce the risk of their cancer returning.

But most people do not have the knowledge, time or motivation to research medical journals to decide whether or not to try this or that treatment, diet or lifestyle change. This is why people with cancer and their families

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