HPA proposed CAMS Advertising Code

Posted 24 October 2013

The HPA (Health Products Association), an organisation responsible for looking out for the interests of its members, all complementary medicine (CAM) manufacturers, has been extremely unhappy with the ASA rulings that have gone against complementary medicine products. They argue that mainstream medicine health professionals, and scientists, do not understand the CAM paradigm, hence a different set of values and evidence need to be applied to their products. In other words, mainstream medicines, e.g., penicillin, can have high degree of evidence used to prove the product is safe and works, whereas something like Solal’s Anti-Aging Pill or Glomail’s Celltone do not need similar evidence to show that it works. (Really!) The HPA does not defend or act on the behalf of consumers – they look after their members. For example, Glomail is a member of the HPA and they are known to have sold a number of Read the rest