Link between low intelligence and acceptance of ‘pseudo-profound bullshit?

Posted 08 December 2015

This article titled, ‘Scientists find a link between low intelligence and acceptance of ‘pseudo-profound bulls***'” published in the The Independent, is a commentary on a study published in the journal, Judgment and Decision Making.

The article states: A new scientific study has found that those who are receptive to pseudo-profound, intellectual-sounding ‘bulls***’ are less intelligent, less reflective, and more likely to be believe in conspiracy theories, the paranormal and alternative medicine.”

We post the links to both the article and the study for both are thought provoking, and will likely result in a deal of controversy and debate. The journalist’s interpretation may not necessarily be correct. We explicitly make the point that we are posting it here for you, the reader, to make up your own mind on the findings and interpretation.

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