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UK ASA Ruling: Elle Fox t/a Bubbling Life

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Posted 18 July 2018

A website for alternative therapy provider Bubbling Life (www.bubbling.life), featured a page headed ‘CEASE Functional Solutions for Medication & Vaccine Consequences’, which included text that stated “… Dr Tinus Smits, the founder of CEASE, having seen over 300 cases of all levels of severity, concluded that CEASE is a ‘very effective way to address ASD and autism with amazing results.’ In his clinical experience, autism is an accumulation of different causes with about 70% due to vaccines, 25% due to medication and other toxic substances and 5% due to certain diseases”.

A complainant challenged whether the claims, among other, made in relation to the causes of autism on the page titled ‘CEASE Functional Solutions for Medication & Vaccine Consequences’ discouraged essential treatment for conditions for which medical supervision should be sought.

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