Tri-Vortex – “Most comprehensive fruitloop”?

Posted 18 April 2015

One of my experiences dealing with some quacks and scam artists, is their own belief in their claims or even craziness – to the extent that one starts questioning your own rational thoughts! Brian David Andersen of Tri-Vortex is one of these, someone so committed to his beliefs that he has ‘re-invented’ physics and chemistry to fit his arguments. Is he a fraudster (someone who knows the claims are ‘invented’) – or someone who really believes this fruitloopery?

* fruitlooperyThe use of scientific language inappropriately and without comprehension in order to increase believability of a concept.

Tri-Vortex claims, among other, to have developed a trinket that has certain healing properties, can make fruit and vegetables not go off for much longer, and that by treating water with a computer, audio software, amplifiers and a set of domed cylindrical chambers, that they can change … Read the rest

Tri-Vortex, small fry, big scam

Posted 28 August 2014

Readers may remember our postings of the Tri-Vortex “technology”:

Tri-Vortex™ claims that by treating water with a hi-end computer, professional audio software & hardware, amplifiers and a set of domed cylindrical chambers, that they can change the molecular structure of water and give it additional properties, resulting in a product that among other, can result in natural pain relief – with no chemicals.

Cover2-PortraitThis has resulted in a protracted debate with the “inventor”,  Brian David Anderson, a self-styled “scientist”.

Mr Anderson’s theories (beliefs) do not fit in with any known scientific principle or theory. Mr Anderson argues “[A]re you arrogant enough to think that current academia has discovered and knows all the ‘motions’ of our dimension?” Seems like Mr Anderson made a major slip, for he did not realise that he was therefore ‘arrogantly’ claiming to have discovered one or more of the ‘motions’ … Read the rest